"Zug Families has been such a wonderful resource. It is a perfect site that will be so helpful to anyone new to the area. Great work!"

"Your website is so useful! It was a real lifeline for me and my little family when we arrived last summer. My husband went straight into work, we knew precisely no one, and trying to find activities and outings to keep my two and four year old entertained would have been so very difficult without Zug Families. For the duration of the school holidays, I didn’t go to bed without having first consulted it and making a plan for the next morning! Thank you for creating, researching and maintaining this fantastic resource for families, it is so very appreciated."

"Zug Families is such a great resource! They are my first stop for info."

"Zug Families is such a great resource! They are my first stop for info."

"Your website is amazing - a mother’s guidebook for survival."

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