Garage Sale

Second hand sales- Children’s items & Bikes

In Switzerland “börse” are very popular second hand sales for all sort of items, mainly seasonal.

There are quite a few coming up as April and October are popular months for these sales where you can obtain used but with plenty of wear left items.

It's also possible to sell your used items at many of them although you generally have to pre-register for this  be warned that the labelling instructions can be quite specific in some areas so allow plenty of time!


Here are some of the dates locally, for children’s items and bikes:

March  - Cham- TOYS

March 23rd-24th- Zug- BIKES       

March 23rd- Menzingen- CHILDREN’S ITEMS

March 25th- Oberägeri

March 27th- Steinhausen- CHILDREN’S ITEMS

March 30th- Zug- CHILDREN’S ITEMS

April 3rd- Allenwinden- CHILDREN’S ITEMS

April 8th- Baar- CHILDREN’S ITEMS

March 25th- Oberwil- CHILDREN’S ITEMS

April 1st- Unterägeri- CHILDREN’S ITEMS

May 4th- ISZL Nearly New Sale- see our homepage for details nearer the time

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