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For those of you with little ones at home where you need to get chores done whilst entertaining them, a trip to Zugerland, especially on a rainy day, isn't a bad option. Read on for a review by Sara.

When I moved to Zug, I was at such a loss on my first rainy day. What was there to do here?! The lack of soft play frightened me slightly...(as did the thought that I was actually missing softplay 😂). Fairly early on, a friend recommended Zugerland. This is a small shopping centre in Steinhausen which has a recycling area on the ground floor (on the left after you have entered through the barrier), a Migros and Denner for food shopping as well as other stores (for the full directory: http://www.ekz-zugerland.ch/en/shops/)

So, what is there for children? At the time of writing my children are 21m and 4 years old. We sometimes go to Zugerland if I need to do some shopping, and they need a bit of entertainment.

So, starting from the ground floor. Here there is a small carousel and a helicopter ride (see photo). Beside this ride is where I made a good friend of mine when I first moved here. Ours sons bonded over the ride!

There is also Kinderparadies, which I have used once for my 4 year old and he was quite happy here. You can leave children from the age of 3 till age 7 (up to their 8th birthday). TOP TIP: Take ID for their 1st visit.

For registration forms and more details including prices for Kinderparadies, http://www.ekz-zugerland.ch/en/childcare/ (use Google Chrome if you would like an English translation).

On the 3rd floor is a Migros restaurant that has a small play area in it, which keeps both of my children occupied for quite a while. At the time of writing a kid's meal was 6.50CHF for a meal including vegetables, a drink and a free toy. The food isn't to my taste, but children like it...! Typical Swiss kiddy fare such as chicken nuggets, and french fries with boiled veggies. My children have small appetites and the portions are large so two under 5s can share one meal.

Another useful feature at Zugerland, is that the Migros supermarket has "car trolleys" that can make doing the shopping a little easier. It works well if you have one child in the trolley and another either in a sling/baby carrier or walking.

Overall, Zugerland is a good destination for getting some shopping done, having a cup of coffee/lunch, sorting the recycling whilst combining with some entertainment for small children.

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