Gymnastics classes are available around the Zug area.  They're great for core stability, fitness and co-ordination - and for kids used to attending gymnastics classes back home, provide a bit of welcome continuity as they get used to their new life in Switzerland.  Many classes are in Swiss German, although staff are used to international attendees.


Gymnasticals offer a variety of structured gymnastics classes  for children from 4-14 years of age and are taught by former elite gymnasts. Classes are mainly in English Contact Manami Jenden, +41 (0)79 1293520 or email

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Dirty Hands
Oberneuhofstrasse 1

6340 Baar

Parking: Limited on-site parking available

Oberägeri (note there are two locations):

Maienmatt, Alosenstrasse 6

6315 Oberägeri

Parking: 1 hr free parking on site, free parking with blue timer nearby.


Shui Zhu Do, Rainstrasse 37

6314 Unterägeri

Parking: Free parking on-site and nearby


Karin provides gymnastics classes for very small children - 15 months to 4 years.  Her classes consider posture and agility, flexibility and co-ordination - for the accompanying adults too!  Languages catered for include English, German, Italian and French.

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Freizeitanlage Loreto, Löberenstrasse 40,
6300 Zug

(Room 521, 2nd floor elevator)

Parking: On site and nearby